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Virginia Farm Bureau Federation AgPAC endorses Delegate Roslyn Tyler for House seat in the 75th District

Delegate Roslyn Tyler received the endorsement of the Virginia Farm Bureau Federation (VFBF) AgPAC, a political action committee of Virginia Farm Bureau Federation, in the race for the 75th District seat in the Virginia House of Delegates.

“I am pleased to have received the endorsement of Virginia Farm Bureau.”

Delegate Roslyn Tyler is among 81 candidates that VFBF AgPAC has endorsed for House and Senate seats. Endorsements were made based on candidates’ support of Virginia Farm Bureau past and current agricultural issues, as well as leadership on key agricultural issues, among other criteria.

“Each of these candidates has shown a clear understanding of the needs of farmers and/or have proven their support through their favorable voting records while holding positions in the General Assembly. These candidates have demonstrated a willingness to engage with our farmers, and we believe they will be advocates for Virginia’s largest industry, agriculture and forestry,” said Wayne F. Pryor, chairman of VFBF AgPAC and VFBF president. “We look forward to working with them in the 2022 Virginia General Assembly.”

VFBF AgPAC is a nonpartisan political action committee that works to build relationships with elected officials and enhance their understanding of agricultural issues. AgPAC evaluates candidates running for the Virginia General Assembly for potential endorsement. A full list of candidates endorsed by the committee can be viewed online at

Delegate Tyler Touts Endorsements and Committee Assignments

This year has been a great year in the General Assembly, and I will continue to work hard in the 75th District.  Because of the work that I have done I am proud to announce that I have been endorsed by the following organizations:

  • Virginia Hunting Dog Alliance
  • Virginia Farm Bureau
  • Virginia League of Conservation Voters
  • Virginia Education Association
  • Committee to Protect Health Care
  • National Coalition of Public Safety Officers
  • Virginia Professional Fire Fighters
  • Committee to Protect Healthcare

I am also proud to serve on the following committees for the state of Virginia:

  • Education Committee (Chair)
  • Agriculture, Chesapeake, and Natural Resources
  • Appropriations Committee
    • Sub Committees for Appropriations
  • Compensation & General Government (Chair)
  • Commerce, Agriculture, and Natural Resources
  • Transportation and Public Safety Conferee
  • Tobacco Region Revitalization Commission
  • Broadband Advisory Council Vice Chair
  • Center for Rural Virginia Chair
  • Roanoke River Basin Advisory Committee
  • Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr Memorial Commission
  • Education Commission of the States
  • E-911 Boarder Response Group
  • Hemp Work Group
  • Southern Economic Development Committee

In Support of Delegate Roslyn Tyler

To the editor:

I am writing to express my support for Roslyn Tyler in her efforts to be re-elected to the Virginia House of Delegates, representing the 75th District. As a lifelong resident of Southside Virginia and a career educator, l know the value of experienced, knowledgeable, and caring leadership that is attuned to the unique opportunities and challenges of our region. Roslyn Tyler has demonstrated these characteristics; and her distinguished years of service to the citizens of the 75th District have positioned her to be an even more effective advocate for us.

Delegate Tyler currently serves as Chair of the critically important House Education Committee which addresses legislation related to education policy and funding. Additionally, she serves on the Agriculture, Chesapeake, and Natural Resources Committee and the Appropriations Committee. Both of these committees are strategically important to the welfare of our region.

Delegate Tyler’s accomplishments and active civic involvements are too long to list. What I can say is that her desire to move our region forward is passionate and positive. Please join me in voting for Roslyn Tyler for Delegate.Al Roberts

Retired President, Southside Virginia Community College

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Re-Elect Delegate Roslyn Tyler to represent the 75th District

The leaders of Virginia Hunting Dog Alliance have been asked many times how we decide to support the candidates we choose to endorse. It is easy to say “We support those who have supported us”, but often it is just that simple. If an incumbent( such as Delegate Roslyn Tyler) has consistently voted to support the values of rural Virginia, especially in the defense of the tradition of hunting with dogs, they deserve to be supported.

We have been fortunate to have many friends in the Virginia General Assembly who have honored our hunting traditions and defended dog ownership. It is vitally important to have representatives from both parties support us. There is no better example of this than the fight to end the Right-To-Retrieve law (RTR) in the 2017 Session of the General Assembly with Delegate Roslyn Tyler.

The Republican Speaker surprisingly filed a bill (HB 1900) to end the RTR as the last bill of his legislative career. The Bill divided the Republican caucus, as many did not want to oppose their longtime leader and friend, while other members knew the importance of the RTR to rural Virginia both culturally and economically.

At this point, Delegate Roslyn Tyler from Jarratt took up the fight of her friends and hunters to defend the RTR on the floor of the House of Delegates. In an impassioned speech, Mrs. Tyler told her colleagues what hunting with dogs meant to her community and to her personally. No doubt, she had much to say in her closed Democratic Caucus meeting prior to the floor vote and many of them listened and voted to preserve that law that had been in place since 1936. The vote on February 6, 2017 was 47 to 48. We won by one (1) vote! Without Del. Tyler, not just voting with us, but leading the fight on our behalf, the RTR would have been abolished!

Delegate Tyler has continued to play an active role in defending our heritage of hunting with dogs in Virginia. She has gone to bat for us many times since that crucial vote, including in June of this year when Wildlife Resources Chairman John Daniel was again attacking hunting with dogs. We enthusiastically endorse Delegate Roslyn Tyler’s re-election in 2021 and urge the people of 75th District to vote for her re-election on November 2, 2021.

Kirby Burch,
Chief Operating Officer
Virginia Hunting Dog Alliance

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Committee to Protect Health Care announces first-ever endorsements for House of Delegates candidates

Doctors, medical professionals will lend support to “Health Care Heroes”

RICHMOND — The Committee to Protect Health Care today announced in a virtual press conference its first-ever endorsements for the Virginia House of Delegates. The doctors, health care professionals, and advocates who comprise the Committee have chosen to lend their support to:

  • Delegate Wendy Gooditis, HD 10
  • Debra Gardner, HD 27
  • Delegate Joshua Cole, HD 28
  • Katie Sponsler, HD 66
  • Delegate Roslyn Tyler, HD 75
  • Dr. Jeffrey Feld, HD 81
  • Kim Melnyk, HD 84
  • Finale Norton, HD 100

“As Virginia physicians, we are excited to endorse these candidates for the House of Delegates because of their commitment to putting people’s health and access to health care ahead of partisan politics,” said Dr. Rommaan Ahmad, a pain management physiatrist in Alexandria and Virginia State Lead for the Committee to Protect Health Care. “By designating them as Health Care Heroes, we’re making clear to the voters of Virginia that these candidates will prioritize affordable health insurance and prescription drugs, as well as paid sick leave for working people. We look forward to helping these health care champions get elected so that they can look out for the health of our patients and all Virginians.”

The designated candidates were selected because of their:

  • Support for expanding paid sick leave (1 hour of paid sick leave for every 30 hours worked), which currently only applies to home health workers, to include other private employees
  • Support for the establishment of an independent prescription drug affordability board with the power to review unsupported price increases on expensive prescription drugs 
  • Support for establishing a public insurance option with quality benefits and affordable premiums
  • Promise to fight to protect gains made in Virginia on Medicaid expansion

“All of these Health Care Heroes focus on, and care about, making medical care affordable, in particular the cost of prescriptions,” said Dr. Stewart Pollack, a cardiologist in Albemarle County. “Virginians need affordable health care and prescriptions, and by electing delegates who promote these ideas, we can achieve that.”

Dr. Bickley Craven, a family physician in Big Stone Gap, said: “Virginia has made great progress on health care in recent years by expanding Medicaid. This covers more than 400,000 more people, and enacting paid sick leave for home health care workers has been essential as well. But until all our patients and everyone in the state can access the care they need to thrive and paid time off when they’re sick, we have more work to do. The candidates we’ve endorsed today can be the leaders we need to build on our progress, strengthen families, and save lives.”

About the Committee to Protect Health Care

The Committee to Protect Health Care, formerly known as the Committee to Protect Medicare, is a national mobilization of doctors, health care professionals, and advocates who are building a pro-patient health care majority in Congress and in states so that we can live in an America where everyone has the health care they need to thrive. To learn more:

Hunting the White Tail Deer and Chronic Wasting Disease

This year, I was one of the legislators to represent Virginia at the Southern Leadership Annual Conference in St. Louis, MI. I attended several workshops on education, economic development, public safety, and sportsmen rights. As a member of the Virginia Sportsmen Caucus and an advocate for hunting/ sportsman rights, I discussed the future of hunting as a sport with John Culclasure, who is the manager of the Congressional Sportsman Foundation at the National Sportsmen caucus meeting. One of the major hunting concerns nationwide that is impacting rural communities, is the spread of chronic wasting disease among the white tail deer population.

Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) is a fatal neurological disease that affect deer, elks, and moose. This disease is transmitted to deer through saliva, feces, urine and through water or soil contaminated with an abnormal infectious protein called prion. The signs and symptoms of this disease (CWD) in deer are progressive weight loss, excessive thirst, teeth grinding, excessive salivation and holding the head in a lowered position and drooping ears.

Chronic Wasting Disease was first discovered in Virginia in 2009. The first case was found in November in 2017 in Frederick County.  The Department of Game and Inland Fisheries have tested 16 positive deer with chronic wasting disease during the months of October -November throughout Frederick, Warren, Shenandoah and Clarke County. Although chronic wasting disease poses a very serious threat to the deer population, the effects of the disease have shown to impose no substantial health risks to humans or domestic animals.

As we approach the deer hunting season, please be aware of this infectious disease that is gradually spreading among the white tail deer population. If you identify a deer exhibiting the above listed signs and symptoms, please contact the Game and Inland Fisheries or my office. Please feel free to invite me to your hunt club or church, or civic organization meeting by contacting my office at (434) 336-1710 or email

Puma Rihanna Creeper

ARC Visits General Assembly

The Members of The ARC of Virginia and Partners were visiting the Virginia General Assembly advocating to protect individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities access to needed services and avoiding unnecessary institutionalization.  The members and families visited Delegate Roslyn Tyler regarding increased funding intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) waivers.  She is supportive of additional waivers and this concern is now being discussed in the budget bill (HB 30). If you support additional waivers in Virginia, please contact your legislator.

Susan Coon, Lia Tremblay, Joe Tremblay, (standing in back) Tommy Coon, Shannon Farthing, Delegate Roslyn Tyler, Anita Dommert, President of the Arc South of the James, and Becky Farthing.

Helga Lovekaty

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