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Church Street Independence Day Celebration Cancelled, But Say Thank You Anyway

Anne and Bobby have been celebrating Independence Day on Church Street for more than half a century. This year's event is cancelled due to the Coronavirus Outbreak. A reader has suggested that we show our appreciation to the Wrenns for their dedication by filling their front yard with tiny American Flags from the the dollar stores. Sneak by this evening and place a flag in the front yard so that it will be there when Bobby wakes up - it will be the perfect "THANK YOU" for all those years of fun! See you next year!

Clerk of the Circuit Court to Retire after 51 Years of Service

"After 51 years of serving Greensville County as its Circuit Court Clerk, I will retire effective March 1, 2019.  I wish to thank the citizens who have supported me throughout the years, and the loyal employees who have served alongside me in the Clerk’s Office.  When I first took office in 1968, we were still making entries with pen and ink, and we have now advanced to a mostly digital office.  Though there have been many changes through the years, this office has kept up with the advances in technology, and continued to serve the public in the same courteous and efficient manner they have come to expect," wrote Bobby Wrenn in an email.

As provided by law, JoAnne Conner, Chief Deputy Clerk, will assume the position of Clerk effective March 1.  She is qualified in every way to serve as Clerk, and has recently earned a certification from the National Center for State Courts as a Certified Court Manager.  Previously she earned certification as Master Deputy Circuit Court Clerk. 

"It has been an honor and a privilege to serve as Clerk, and I sincerely thank all of those who have made it possible for me to do so for over five decades."

Marcas de cal?ado, bolsas e vestuário na Spartoo

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