Let OLE Glory Fly

No greater sight can we behold
Than our own Red, White and Blue
Yes unfurling from a pole top
Noting freedom for me and you.
We owe this display to all the veterans
Who have fought on thru the years
In their dedication lives were lost
and many familes brought to tears
Yes we fly the flag with deepest respect
For our soldiers then and now
Yet sometime we don't do justice
Not by flying it but how.
We take our car fast to the shop
If it seems to need repair
Still I know of a flag that's seen by most
Waving shredded in the air.
Now I don't know the procedure
But there must be some nice way
One could ask the before mentioned
To change the flag they've on display.
I'm sure it's not intended
And to their knowledge might not know
Yet I hope soon it's discovered
So our Stars and Stripes will flow.
Roy E. Schepp